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An unflavored, unsweetened and undenatured whey protein isolate containing numerous beneficial immune factors. 20 grams of protein per serving.

    Provitalex - Pure Whey Isolate (594 g)

    Excluding GST/HST
      • A unique cross flow microfiltration process carefully isolates undenatured whey while leaving out fat, damaged proteins and lactose. This allows for safe use with lactose intolerant patients and those with sensitive digestive function
      • Each 22g scoop contains 20g of undenatured whey protein isolate-a therapeutic dose of branch-chain amino acids to stimulate muscle recovery and growth
      • Unflavoured, unsweetened and easily mixed in any liquid without the need for a blender or shaker cup


      GMO, antibiotic, gluten and soy free. With no added hormones. 

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