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A high potency B-vitamin complex with active and bioavailable forms, including benfotiamine as a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1 for additional nerve and blood sugar support.

Bio-B Matrix HP (90 v-caps)

SKU: 217537123517253
Excluding GST/HST
    • A high potency blend of B-vitamins, in their metabolically active and highly bioavailable forms such as pyridoxal-5-phosphate (B6), methylcobalamin (B12) and 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF; B9)
    • Includes benfotiamine, a fat-soluble version of vitamin B1, which has been demonstrated to achieve higher peak blood levels, greater bioavailability (AUC) and improved uptake into brain, muscle, liver and kidney tissues
    • Also contains inositol, a key molecule in improving receptor sensitivity of neurotransmitters and hormones, and choline, a neurotrophic factor necessary for proper neurological development
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