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An upgraded formula with active vitamin A, vitamin C, mixed tocopherols, selenium and zinc in chelated bisglycinate forms. Powerful antioxidants for immunity, skin health, tissue healing, male fertility and hormonal support.

Active A.C.E.S + Zn (120 v-caps)

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  • A number of vitamins and minerals have proven essential for antioxidant support and have found their place in the treatment of chronic disease. Specifically, vitamins A, C and E, selenium and zinc are all involved in a complex network of antioxidants, needed to regenerate one another, encourage detoxification, build glutathione and prevent cellular damage. For this reason, Cyto-Matrix has upgraded its original A.C.E.S. + Zinc formula to provide active, highly absorbable and well-balanced antioxidant support for a wide variety of clinical indications.

    Active A.C.E.S. + Zn should be considered in cases of poor immunity. Collectively, vitamins A, C and E, selenium and zinc help to ensure proper immune function and reduce the frequency of common infections. The combination of these nutrients provides a direct and potent anti-viral action, making the formula useful in both chronic and acute viral infections.

    Active A.C.E.S. + Zn is also a powerhouse antioxidant formula for men’s and women’s health. For example, male infertility is often a result of free radical damage and mitochondrial disruption leading to abnormal sperm parameters. The vitamins and minerals in Active A.C.E.S. + Zn have been individually studied for their ability to improve both sperm count and sperm function, and zinc can improve testosterone levels in zinc-deficient men. At the same time, research has shown that Vitamins C and E, alone and in combination, are capable of increasing blood levels of progesterone in women. Animal studies have found the same for selenium supplementation. In both men and women experiencing low thyroid function, selenium is needed for proper conversion of T4 to T3 and zinc is beneficial for improving thyroid receptor sensitivity.

    Finally, the nutrients found in Active A.C.E.S. + Zn are crucial for collagen production and tissue healing. This formula should be considered in cases of acne vulgaris, acne rosaceae, psoriasis, eczema and any skin condition to reduce irritation and improve healing. In cases of trauma such as surgery, bone fractures or open wounds, Active A.C.E.S. + Zn can increase collagen synthesis and help to regenerate the skin, bone and structural tissues.

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